About ndj

Hello, my name is Nicolette and this is my blog.  It began as a way to document my transition from single and living alone to smitten and living with my boyfriend, tad.  But now it is an amalgamation of my personal photography, interior design inspiration and fruition, and all around inane, materialistic ramblings.

I studied as a photographer, and I am constantly working on projects that will probably be seen by all of 10 people, but I have always had a great love for feathering my nest.

Sometimes I think that having a passion for interior design and decorating is shallow and superficial.  But I really think having a beautiful home makes you happier.  Things don't have to be expensive or have status to make a home more lovely, more like home.  If it is something that I care deeply for, and that brings me joy, isn't that enough?

My photographic website can be found here.  Otherwise, this blog exists to allow me to shamelessly archive the evolution of our place.