Sunday, October 23, 2011

My little study nook

I've been working on making my desk a really nice place to write, edit and relax.  The old rug was a gift from my Papa, he got it in Morocco ages ago and had it in storage all these years.  That chair was something my Mom and I found on the side on the side of the road and picked up.  The front and seat are bright red vinyl, but I like to cover it with this sheepskin rug to make it a bit more comfy.  Book collection (a meagre one, it will be much bigger some day!) right by my side, and the pictures on the wall include a little portrait of tad taken one morning after waking up, pictures of my home in America and a woodblock print of a landmark in tad's hometown of Newcastle, NSW.
I spend lots of time here, in fact I am here right now!

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