Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pictures of my week

Yesterday tad and I got some beautiful succulents from the Rosalie Nursery.  It has been raining for a few days, so the plant guy told us not to water them for another couple of weeks.  Score, they are seriously my kind of plants.  I've also been baking up a storm, trying out this recipe from Kate Miss' blog For Me, For you.  They are ridiculously delicious, but it was so difficult waiting for the dough to chill before making them.  tad kept pestering me to "make them already!"  Little miss Loki has resumed her spot on the bookshelf looking out the window, except when she decided to get down she knocked all the books off.
I've also started making little cross stitches.  They are so much fun to make; I just put on some tunes and get my cross stitch on.  The first one is a little miniature I made today for my friend Filip who just had a little baby boy.  Filip runs the Paladar Fumior Salon which is this gorgeous little coffee and cigar shop in South Brisbane.  If you haven't been there and met Fil yet you are really missing out.  The second cross stitch is one I made for tad as a little Christmas pressie.  The deceiving thing about cross stitching is how long it takes to make each little stitch.  Eli's took me about two hours, and tad's probably took me over 8 hours.  Maybe it's because I'm just a newbie though.


  1. I'm jealous because your succulents are much bigger then mine. I have a baby garden I got a few weeks ago from my roommate's mom. funny how that happens <3 miss you

    1. I love baby cactus gardens! Perfect for an apartment with zero outdoor space. By the way, Lala, you are my first follower :) Love you a lot.