Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Dawson Boys

This morning I made the boys shower, pile into the car, in the pouring rain, and drive to a nearby park so I could take a portrait of them for their mother's birthday, (which coincidentally is the same day as tad's birthday--tomorrow!)  They dressed up so nicely, and the trees were so beautiful behind them, and they've got the greatest smiles.  I printed it out on my little Epson and put it into a frame that I had around the house, and wrapped it up with a little birthday message written on the back.  I was not prepared for the reaction that it got.  When she unwrapped it, happy tears just streamed down her cheeks.  I don't think anyone has wept this openly over a photograph that I have taken, ever.  It was beautiful.  Someday I am going to have the best mother-in-law.  How many people can truly say that?

I got tad something a little bigger for his birthday, which is why I have been extra broke these past couple of weeks.  We're flying to Canberra tomorrow, where his best friend of all time Gibbo lives, for the weekend.  We're staying at a lovely hotel, and we'll get to celebrate tad's birthday just the three of us.  Expect some pictures from my film camera soon!

Happy birthday, tad and Vick!

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