Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Film Scans from Canberra

For tad's birthday I bought tickets to Canberra to visit our best friend, Gibbo.  He joined the Royal Australian Air Force last year and has been out of state the whole time.  We were only able to be there for a few days, since tad has work in Brisbane, but those days were so wonderful.

tad's mum and step dad paid for three nights in the Park Hyatt hotel, which was absolutely amazing.  After getting off our early morning flight on Friday, we had to wait for Gibbo to finish work at the ADFA base, so we had a hot bath and curled up for a nap on our king sized bed.  That night we went to an Irish pub and got quite merry.

The next day we visited the war memorial museum and then relaxed at the ADFA dorms and mess hall.  Saturday night we went to dinner and a movie.

Sunday we had coffee at Ona Coffee which is a wonderfully hipster place where you can sit on milk crates in the garden and soak up the sun.  The weather was beautiful the entire trip.  Sunny and cold, which is perfect in my eyes.

After an Italian dinner with Gibbo's mum who was visiting, we airplaned it home back to Brisbane.  I have another roll of film waiting to be developed, so more to come.  Such a lovely trip!  Happy birthday, tad.

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