Friday, May 18, 2012

Free Chairs

Say hello.  These guys are a little misunderstood.  I picked them up on the side of the road (actually I picked up the one without a hole first, and then about 5 hours later I felt bad and went to pick up it's brother, too).

The chrome is a bit rusty, the wood needs a little love and the caning needs to be replaced, but I think these nerds have a little badass in them.  Fil gave me the idea of reupholstering them with a camel-coloured leather.  That's a yes.

EDIT: I did a little research and found out that Marcel Breuer designed these, and they're called Cesca side chairs, now produced by Knoll.  I looked and couldn't find a stamp anywhere so I'm pretty sure they're knockoffs, but I didn't pay anything for them so I don't really care.  I think I'm going to have them recovered with rattan since that's how they are originally made.  I still need to clean the chrome and the wood but that will happen when I have the extra money.

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