Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Restaurant review: Spoon in Brisbane CBD

I'm no food critic, but tad and I had an experience the other day that left the worst taste in my mouth (ha pun!) so I thought I would share.

We were having a stroll in the city, we were hot, we were hungry, and we had never been to Spoon before, so we thought we'd try the cafe/deli for lunch. I was after something light and fresh, so I ordered the avocado on toast for $8.50 (one of the cheapest things on the menu) and a cappuccino. tad had more of a substantial hunger so he ordered a pineapple burger and a banana honey muesli smoothie. We ordered and sat down at a sunny outdoor table.

10 minutes later, my meal was placed in front of me. This was the smallest, measliest portion of avocado on toast that you could possibly imagine. It was like they had cut a dinner roll in half and slapped some avocado slices on there. And it wasn't ripe avocado, it was that hard, chewy, two-days-before ripe avocado that has no taste. And to top it all off, when I ordered the cashier had asked if I wanted butter. I said yes, who refuses butter? 

My toast had no butter.
I paid $8.50 for it.

tad's burger was not able to be ingested by a human mouth. It was at least half a foot tall. He said it tasted okay though, but having a burger salad isn't as fun as having a burger.

The waitress finally came out and told tad that they were out of muesli for his smoothie. He said that was okay, he'd just have banana.

Literally about five seconds later she brings out a warm, regular banana smoothie that they had made beforehand.

In conclusion, I was disappointed, tad was disappointed, and afterwards we made a beeline for the nearest sushi train.

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