Monday, April 9, 2012

I've got chair fever, and the only cure is more chairs

Why can't I just have all the chairs?  I think my obsession will subside once I get my new Danish babies (yes, they are my children) reupholstered and looking lovely with nice throw pillows.  But I'm scared, guys.  What if I become a crazy chair lady who is flat broke and doesn't have enough friends to sit on all her chairs?  For now I'll just sit in the puddle of drool that has appeared since I began lusting after these incredibly sexy mid-century modern thrones.
The first chair is the Finn Juhl Easy Chair #45 designed in 1945 and manufactured by Niels Vodder.
The second chair is the Hans Leather Chair from Dwell Studio.  It also has a matching ottoman, hyyngg.

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