Monday, April 9, 2012

A platform bed frame if you please?

Yeah, so I want this bed.  It's bamboo and beautiful.  But at 2k for a queen I don't think that will ever, ever happen.
But this mahogany sonuvabitch (for $250, it comes with matching side tables that cost extra, boo) is so much sleeker than the wrought iron + wood mess we're sleeping in right now. However, I don't think I can justify buying it until we move into a new place.  The only spot a queen bed will fit right now in our tiny room is in a little nook, and we're only able to get out of bed from one side, which I absolutely hate.  There's also no space for bed-side tables in our current room.  The bed is seriously wall-to-wall.  Sigh.  One day, I will have a fabulous bedroom that I actually like being in.

(That paisley bed spread is hideous, though.)

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