Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things are looking up

For the past couple of months I have been jobless and hopeless.  After graduating Honours with a degree in photography, I panicked.  I had absolutely no clue what to do.  I kept photographing, but it all seemed a little bit pointless.  I had no direction.  I felt like I'd settle for anything, anything to make money or just get me out of the house.

A few weeks ago I had the best surprise come to me out of the blue.  My friend Filip (who owns and runs the Paladar,) had a baby boy about 6 months ago (I posted about a little cross stitch I made for them here).  They needed someone to come around a few times a week (and once in a while travel with them) to take care of the bub.  So far it has been one of the loveliest jobs I've ever had.

These are pictures I took of Fil a few years ago at the Paladar Fumoir Salon and in his home.

Fil and D's son, whom I went with to Sydney just a couple days ago.  Taking care of a baby is difficult, but so wonderful.  Every time he smiled my heart sighed (but I told tad no babies for at least another 10 years.  I'm not ready to be a full time baby taker carer.)

I got some other good news yesterday.  My body of work, A Real Winter, about my grandmother's passing away, was selected to be exhibited at the Queensland Centre for Photography during the month of June.  I am beyond excited for that.  Here are some images included in the series.

Thank you, past me, for having one day of proactiveness and submitting this exhibition proposal to QCP.  More info to come when I get it.

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